Which Myerchin Knife Should I Choose?

There's a lot of choice: Fixed or Folding Plain or Pro Blade Captain or Crew

Fixed or Folding?

A simple but effective Generation 2 Folders or the solid sheepfoot blade design of the fixed knives

Plain or Pro?

Both the fixed and folding blades come in the options of either PRO (serrated) or PLAIN (non serrated) blade

Captain or Crew?

The larger captains folding knife blade measures 72mm, whereas the smaller crew blade is 57mm

For my work I would always choose a plain blade as it gives a cleaner cut to the lines I’m working with, The Pro blades are very good for cutting through lines very quickly.

I have a W100, fixed bladed knife (pictured) in my splicing kit & I always carry a plain, folding captains knife on me which sits on my belt ready for action, along with my sailors multi tool. But if you want something easier to carry and keep in your pocket, a crew blade is for you.

The handle choice is a completely personal one, I love the wood handle on my W100, certainly the most popular Myerchin knife/handle combination. I also love the titanium on my folder.

But the bone handles that have been personally engraved with nautical themes, scrimshaw (Photo credit scrimshanders.com) look pretty awesome too.

The 3 tools I use every day

MYERCHIN Design & Quality Craftmanship The Right Tool

The Myerchin Generation 2 Frame Lock Folders From The Argyll Yacht Rigger Shop. A simple but effective advancement the Generation 2 Folders build on the tried and tested Original DoubleLock Folders.

“When we began to engineer the Generation 2 family of knives, we decided to begin with the best and the most challenging… our titanium handle folders.”

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