Our Crew

I’m Ian, Yachtsman, Climber, Award winning adventure filmmaker, and Rigger. I founded AYR in the summer of 2020 After redundancy from a nearby rigging company. I didn’t hesitate to establish myself as a solo enterprise during the first Covid19 lockdown.

I’ve a passion for exploration yachts and blue water cruisers, but I love any yacht that cruisers or racers on the west coast. 

Charlotte is at the helm of the Business and keeps us moving forward, she’s the first point of contact on email and makes sure I’m in the right place at the right time. 

She is a climber and adventurer and loves nothing more than getting into the mountains with Jess our dog, or anchoring up in a remote spot and climbing on a beach.

Charlotte has had a 20 year career project managing clinical trials for the NHS & big Pharmaceuticals so will be bringing her experience project managing us here. 

Oscar started with us in February 2023 and is excelling as a trainee rigger, He has a lot to bring to the company. 

He is a passionate racing sailor and counters our own passion for expedition yachts perfectly. 

He is a natural rigger, and excels in tuning, splicing running rigging and, well pretty much everything on boats.



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