Terms and Conditions

Argyll Yacht Rigger (AYR) ST&C Jan 21

These terms and conditions are the only conditions which Argyll Yacht Rigger are prepared to deal with a buyer and they shall govern the contract to the entire exclusion of all other terms and conditions with the exception of any variations agreed in writing by Argyll Yacht Rigger. No terms and conditions contained within any of the buyers documentation will form part of the contract and the buyer waives any rights which it otherwise might have to rely on such terms and conditions.

Quotes: All quotes are subject to change, are only estimates and only last for 10 days from quote date due to the constant increase in prices of raw materials and delivery. Prices quoted are correct at the time of print/publish and are subject to variation thereafter. Unless specifically detailed prices quoted exclude delivery charges and VAT, these will be charged at the current rate at the time of invoicing..

VAT (VAT number is 402 2797 16)
As of 1st March 2022, Argyll Yacht Rigger will be registered for VAT, all invoices for goods and services will be subject to an additional charge of 20%.

Travel and Ferries
A standard travel rate of £45/hour is added to invoices, also an expense of 65p/mile plus the price of any ferries, where necessary for travel to the job.

Payment (non-account)
Payment due on receipt of invoice. For all overseas customers or boats being worked on prior to a lengthy overseas trip Invoices are required to be paid immediately upon completion of the work. A non-refundable 50% Deposits are required before work can be carried out, especially when parts are ordered for a job. Unless previously agreed payment is required with order by Bank Transfer.

Work that has been booked in and then cancelled by the customer is subject to a charge of travel and parts orders.

Late Payment of invoices will occur an interest rate charge of 8% plus the bank of England base rate from the day after the 7 day payment term.

Payment (account)
Accounts are by prior arrangement only. Unless previously agreed Payment Terms on all accounts are strictly 30 Days from date of Invoice (Invoices will be dated as day of job completion or day of invoice despatch).

In the unlikely event that a product does not meet your requirements it must be returned to Argyll Yacht Rigger in its original condition within 30 days of delivery. Guarantees on products exclude fair wear and tear. Please inform us by phone or in writing prior to any return. A reference to the Invoice/Delivery number must accompany the returned product.

Limit of Liability
Argyll Yacht Rigger products are sold with the understanding that the buyer will test them in actual use and will have determined whether the products are suitable for the particular use for which they are to be applied.
Argyll Yacht Rigger warrants to the buyer that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, but limits its obligations under this warranty to replacement of products. For time limits, see Guarantee above.

Argyll Yacht Rigger liability is thus limited to the value of the goods supplied. Argyll Yacht Rigger cannot be held responsible or liable for any other liabilities whatsoever including but not limited to consequential loss or personal injury.

This warranty does not extend to any person obtaining the products from the buyer.

Any sizes, capacities and dimensions quoted are, unless specifically stated otherwise, approximate and for guidance only.

Any known errata or changes in any Argyll Yacht Rigger publication including pricing, will be notified at the time of ordering and before the order is accepted. Argyll Yacht Rigger reserves the right to make any such amendments at its sole discretion.

Please note that telephone calls may be recorded.

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