Myerchin Safety Dive Knife Fixed Serrated Blade A510P

Myerchin Generation 2 A510P Offshore Safety Dive Knife, Pro Rigging Knife with 3/4 Serrated Blade is a line-cutting workhorse used by professionals around the world.


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Product Description

Our Generation 2 A510P Offshore Safety Dive Knife, Rigging Knife System is a line-cutting workhorse used by professionals around the world.  Forged from a single bar of our Pro-Grade German Marine Stainless.

The Pro-grade German Marine stainless that we use is comparable to 440C for hardness and edge-holding properties with additional anti-oxidation elements added for the final crafting of our knives.

Extreme strength and light  weight.   This modern upgrade features  lighter overall weight, shackle slot in the blade and improved lanyard attachment.  It features the three most commonly used metric wrench sizes in the handle.  For survival, the handle can be wrapped with 1/8″ parachute cord.  The Classic Sheepsfoot blade design is a modern version of the classic knives used by seamen for centuries.  It includes our heavy nylon sheath with straps and grommets that allow the user to attach it to a belt in several ways or lace it to safety/flotation equipment in order for this important piece of gear to always be ready for use.

Always rinse you Safety Dive Knife and sheath with fresh water after using it in salt water.  Remember:  it’s possible to make a “rust proof” knife, but the metal is always soft and unable to hold a good edge.  We use our own Pro-grade German Marine Stainless that holds an excellent edge; however, it will show surface or cosmetic oxidation if not rinsed after use.  This oxidation can always be removed with a stainless cleaner.

This knife features a Pro (3/4 serrated) Blade.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime (Original Owner)

  • Model: A510P All stainless Safety/Dive Pro
  • Length : 8.5″” (216mm)
  • Blade Length: 3.8” (97mm), s.s.
  • Weight: 4.5 oz (128 g).
  • Spike Length – No spike
  • Spike Weight – No spike
  • Serial Number: Yes
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