Tuning and Inspections

One of our most popular services and one we love to do, Rig tuning is not just for race boats and diehard enthusiasts, A TUNED RIG IS A SAFE RIG.

We’ve recently invested in a Straightpoint COLT Clamp On Line Tension meter, a lightweight wire rope tension meter or shunt tension meter for fast and accurate measurement of tensions up to 11,000lb or 5000 kg and wire up to 1” or 25mm diameter. Manufactured using an integral, high accuracy, Bluetooth module the COLT transmits load data wirelessly to any smart device running our Android or iOS app. Constructed from aerospace grade aluminium the Straightpoint COLT digital tensiometer is lightweight and easy to handle and operates on wires that are already under tension

As part of our rig tuning set up we have two pro loos gauges for wire up to 10mm and two loos rod gauges which we use regularly to tune rigs of all sizes. Combined with the COLT gauge which takes our gauge capability up above 10mm wire, we are armed with the tools to work on every boat that might sail in these waters, providing the data for repeatable settings to suit your rig specification.

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