Prestige Award Winner 2024/25.

'Boat Maintenance Company of the Year' 2024/25
'Best Yacht Services Provider 2024' - Scotland UK ENTERPRISE Client Service Excellence AWARD 2024

It may seem a small thing, and it is certainly not why we are doing our jobs, or running the business, but when your hard work is noticed by business insiders, it means a lot.

We were contacted recently after a research team at the Prestige awards found us online and got in touch to let us know we are making an impression with them. It brought a smile to our faces. Like I said this isn’t why we work tirelessly, but it sure helps our motivation after a very long winter in the cold and rain when the hard work is paying off.

Part of the recognition has come from expansion onto the Clyde marinas and setting Oscar up to work over that way on a regular basis. It was a risk investing like this but one we were confident would pay off. This winter has been a challenge on the west coast, a lot of roads have been closed, and as always the Cal Mac ferries have been hit and miss. This takes its toll on a business that relies on these links, so setting up with a permanent home on the Clyde has mitigated these risks meaning we can always get to many of our customers, what ever the weather.

It is amazing being nominated for an award, especially after a long hard slog through the rain and wind, and especially when it is out of the blue, like this was.



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